The expertise of P360 advisors covers all the disciplines and capabilities required to deliver any stage of your investment lifecycle (click here to view our lifecycle model). Over the years we have mastered the most effective methodologies and tools to solve your problem. Navigate through the list below to discover each of them:

Governance framework
Investment assurance process
Procurement strategies
Contracting models
Commercial negotiation
Financial modelling
Accounting & Finance
Asset management
Project management
P3 management
Change management
Data and business analysis
Transformation management
Information Technology

Governance framework: Decision-making is an art and a science. It is a demanding process, often culturally defined, and the bigger your organisation the more convoluted it may become. We believe that establishing a transparent and simple governance framework with clear Terms of Reference including a well-positioned structure, a lean decision tree, and a pragmatic RASCI is the first step to your investment success.

Investment assurance process: We have seen so many developments failing both their original intent and the project stakeholders. A business case is not just a document as well as a gateway process is not just a tick-the-box exercise. We can help you develop sensible options and evaluate them to such extend that the recommended option will provide your customers with the best value-for-money.

Procurement strategies: You need to engage the market to deliver a scope beyond your organisation capacity and/or capability. But where to start? We understand private markets, their strengths, how to package a scope of work to create a competitive environment, how to engage the right players from market sounding to tender and bid assessment. Our extensive transaction expertise will enable you to close your deal with better-than-expected terms.

Contracting models: Choosing the wrong model, PPP, Alliance, Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Early Contractor Involvement, Management Contractor, etc. may result in serious delivery issues, costly contract management and administration, and may ultimately end in a legal conflict. We assess the transaction requirements inside out to choose and adapt the contracting model that will suit your risk sharing approach, the delivery profile, and business requirements.

Commercial negotiation: How to start and close a transaction with the favourable terms you seek for your deal? We can help you lead your negotiation to success with a pragmatic strategy, a practical plan that allows for flexibility and adaptability, leveraging your assets and market position to maximise your outcome.

Financial modelling: Since their infancy with Lotus123 thirty years ago financial models have never become so precise and complicated. And fewer project stakeholders than ever have the ability to understand and question their output. Can you trust your financial models? Do they really give you an edge to invest? We favour simulation accuracy over unnecessary precision, common sense over complexity, concise visual outputs over busy charts. Our financial models focus on clear scenario definition, assumptions that matter, and rigorous yet understandable and usable calculus outputs.

Accounting & Finance: How many business leaders can read financial statements and quickly assess the financial viability of an investment opportunity? Not only we can, but we know how to read between the lines of accounting data, perform thorough financial due diligence, value businesses and assets with a high degree of certainty, and develop all the financial reporting required to manage them.

Asset management: Do you need to implement ISO50000 to manage your asset? It depends of course and our first task will probably be to perform a maturity assessment of your asset management processes starting by your asset strategy and asset whole-of-life planning. Unless you already know what you want to fix.

Project management: Why best practice project controls, earned value metrics, or project management processes are so difficult to implement? There is not one-size-fits-all way to manage projects. We will help you tailor your project management processes to your portfolio by profiling project complexities and implementing the tools and business rules that will best suit them. We will also train and support your project managers and directors in this change journey.

P3 management: You probably do not have a best-in-class PMO and you lack visibility of your program of projects or works. Forecasting your portfolio delivery does not provide you with the predictability required to make informed decisions. These are common issues we can help you to resolve by implementing or improving your PMO foundations, including governance, investment assurance, business processes, procurement, commercial management, delivery controls, reporting, systems, upskilling, and more.

Change management: The project is about to go live and there is never enough time and funds left for change activities. How much effort should you invest in your change management? The scale of your project, stakeholders, the extend of change involved are among the determinant factors. We adapt ADKAR like change methodologies to ensure your project will be implemented smoothly, timely and within budget.

Data and business analysis: Do you need to invest in big data, predictive analysis, cognitive insight, automation algorithms, or other artificial intelligence fields to understand your data and extract meaningful intel? We will help you assess the quality and potential of your data and formulate a relevant data management strategy. Leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge, you will access multi-dimensional business analysis, including visuals and tools to lift your decision-making to a new level of projection.

Transformation management: Operating models or digital transformations are business game changers that are not without significant risks. We will help you define and implement your transformation roadmap to achieve your objectives while minimising risks. Our experience in setting up new operations from scratch, filling key management roles to trigger transformation initiatives, and drive technology innovations will put your business on the right track to achieve your goal.

Information Technology: ERP systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, or industry specific management systems like PRIMAVERA, RIB, PRIME, ARIBA, or even CRM systems are notorious to consume vast amount of business resources to configure and implement. IT projects often end with large cost overruns and implementation delays. Drawing from our experience of enterprise architectures and major implementations we can help you leveraging your scarce resources to maximise the benefit realisation of your systems.

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