Financing or funding a strategic investment?

One of our clients was required to develop and procure a major investment. They wanted to understand the commercial viability and financial feasibility of a procurement that required involving sophisticated market participants.

Public owners appreciate socio-economic and environmental costs and benefits for the community they serve. Private investors are required to generate a financial profitability for their shareholders. Both worlds often struggle to understand the outcome requirements of the other side.

Our plan includes appraising the enterprise value, assessing the cash flow profile, determining the bankability, validating the project attractiveness with financiers and sponsors.
We help business owners to understand the market value of their enterprise and find financiers and sponsors to support their project. Vice-versa we help private investors develop proposals that are compelling and lead to successful deal closing with the public sector.

How to leverage technology innovation from the market?

One of our clients decided a new system was the solution to their operational issues. But they did not know where to start and how to explore the market to find their holy grail.

It is easy to get lured by fancy applications that promise miraculous improvements for your business. There is an inevitable trade-off between “plug-and-play” out-of-the-box propositions and fully customisable solutions. Your business process maturity will drive the technology you can afford.

Our plan included defining business and technical requirements, screening the market, optioneering, evaluating and shortlisting relevant solutions. Our proven and innovative tools including user surveys, process mapping, architecture maturity review, direct market research, extensive demos, and option evaluation led our client to make the right decision for their business.
We help organisations procure, design, develop, test, and implement the most complex enterprise level solutions.

Is your PMO/P3MO ready to deliver your pipeline of projects?

One of our clients realised that the business was unable to deliver a large program of projects planned over several years. At best the client’s works would get completed with significant delays, cost overruns and scope compromises. The outcome was unpredictable and reactive, and its delivery cost unsustainable.

Our proposal was to establish a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) with world-class Portfolio / Program / Project (P3) processes by improving 10 core management functions.

Our plan starts with a maturity assessment of the current processes to prioritise functional improvements, including filling key interim management roles to lift the PMO capabilities.
We help project-driven organisations adopt best-in-class planning and delivery processes. They evolve on their maturity journey to reach an optimised level of P3 management with full visibility of the scope being planned or delivered and the agility to respond to change.

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